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Established in 2017 at Syracuse University, Globalists aims to give students an outlet to start conversations about global issues, trends, diversity and celebrating differences in cultures and experiences.

A Globalist is any individual with a cultural identity who likes starting conversations on global issues. A Globalist values diversity and makes it their mission to share underrepresented perspectives with the people around them. A Globalist gives great importance to freedom of expression, and makes it their mission to be a voice for those who are too quiet or too loud.

Above all, a Globalist is a citizen of the world. 

We value inclusivity and giving voice to a range of opinions. 25 percent of the Syracuse University campus population belongs to minority groups and 20 percent of the population is international.

Our readers will get a chance to learn more about all the lived experiences within these communities and also those who don’t fall within just one or two communities.

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