The Mixtape: Edition 1

By Lorenzo Maldonado

This week’s mix includes artists from Iceland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Poland and more. Play with us.

Still from “Malibu Sleep” by artist Col3trane.

Still from “Malibu Sleep” by artist Col3trane.


“malibu sleep”— col3trane

Washed out percussion and trap drums bounce behind Col3trane as he reminisces about a night out with a former partner, comparing their love to the drugs they consume together. There’s something particularly entrancing about his vocals, especially their production which is almost void of the typical “glossy” vocal effects present in many genres today.


“Calma (remix)”— pedro capó, farruko

The sun radiates from the gentle vocals of Pedro Capó before he catapults into an irresistible dancehall rhythm. The track features an interesting mix of singing from Pedro and rapping from Farruko.


“keyra”— herra hnetsumjör

You really have to hear Herra Hnetusmjör’s track for yourself to understand what makes it so excellent. If Michael Jackson was making music in the 21st century, he would probably sing over a track like this. To say it has a strong bass groove is an understatement.


“e sempre bello”— coez

Coez really captures carefree and uplifting in his music. I can imagine his crooner voice at coffee shops, family parties, graduations and even bedroom bluetooth speakers. His arena size vocals make you wanna sing and his tracks will have you dancing.


“solo”— jennie

Jennie draws listeners in with her silky, versatile and powerful vocals, but you’ll stay for the energy. Fantastic modern trap/EDM production compliments the artists layered group vocals which lead you right up to a club-shaking drop.


“Lay by me”— ruben

Things slow down with Ruben and his soaring melodies. I haven’t heard a song with such gigantic warm vocals since Kygo. Strings and piano complete this beautiful ballad from a promising singer/songwriter.


“bir İhtimal Biliyorum”— Gülşen

Gülşen’s style combines electronic production seamlessly with traditional acoustic instrumentation. Pulsing percusion and an atmospheric soundscape drive the track from this Turkish artist.


“Ruin My Life”— Zara Larsson

Gentle guitar and filtered drums accompany this modern pop artist before the track explodes into a flurry of future bass. This track is in the style of artists like Marshmello and The Chainsmokers. Zara features expert production on par with any other top tier popular artist.


“Małomiasteczkowy”— Dawid Podsiadło

It’s clear Dawid loves to mash up genres. This track begins with electronic production similar to an EDM track before it flips styles into rock music. It really reminds me of music that people play at live house shows… Not one to miss!


“Keep On Calling”— Nilüfer Yanya

If Norah Jones was from London and played rock and roll, she might sound like Nilüfer. Jazzy guitars dripping with reverb compliment her soulful and moody vocals. Hand claps, twinkling guitars and sparkling synths sweep you away in a dreamy declaration of independence.


Stories aren’t all words and syntax— they can ride rhythms and tumble over beats. This semester, we are introducing Lorenzo Maldonado, a senior studying television, radio and film at Syracuse University, who will curate an all-new Spotify playlist every fortnight and grapple with the music of our times.