The Mixtape: Edition 3


By Lorenzo Maldonado

Feeling low? We’ve got some fresh, high energy beats to reverse that slump right back.

Still from “Don’t Call Me Up” by Mabel.

Still from “Don’t Call Me Up” by Mabel.


“Don’t call me up” — Mabel

This singer from the United Kingdom has been tearing up the UK charts. Her anthem on independence is filled with silky, auto-tune laced vocals, pitched-down hooks and enough reggaeton vibes to get you through your Monday.


“options” — nsg ft. tion wayne

“Options” features the story of young, up- and-coming men and the different ways they each decide to make money. These artists dance over a stripped down beat with quick rap bars and catchy melodies.


“psych out!” — aj tracey

It’s rare to find a real rapper and smooth singer all in one artist, but let me introduce you to AJ. He spits clever wordplay and memorable melodies over moody beats. If you’re a fan of contemporary hip-hop and R&B, Tracey is not someone you want to miss.


“breathe” — camelphat & christoph ft. jem cooke

EDM is one of the most prevalent music genres in the world, but this is particularly true in the UK. CamelPhat & Christoph are in the Top 5 for the United Kingdom and once you hear “Breathe” with guest vocals from the talented singer Jem Cooke, it’s easy to see why.


“confidence” — ocean alley

This funky jam begins with a mean talkbox guitar part that will immediately boost your mood. Shortly after, Baden Donegal starts in with a gorgeous and soulful voice that glides over the track. The best part, in my opinion, is the vocal effects during the chorus.


“in my mind” — dynoro & gigi D’Agnostino

There’s just something special about the energy in this EDM bop. Maybe it’s the moody hook that’s an undeniable earworm or the bouncy bass flying through the drop. Listen to this one next time you need some energy.


“motivated” — mitch

Smooth ambience fills your ears before Mitch dives into his carefree crooning on this single from his debut album, Girl Power. He has similar singing style to Ty Dolla $ign, but I believe his lyricism, delivery and singing skills are even more unique and interesting. Not one to miss if you enjoy R&B.


“khapta” — heuss i’Enfoiré ft. sofiane

This song stuck out to me as it combines a driving dance rhythm with in-your-face hip-hop. This felt fresh to me because this style is really unlike any other popular music that is charting right now.


“on fleek” — eva ft. lartiste

Eva and Lartiste tear up this tropical house anthem and it really makes me miss summer. This is another track which combines two distinct and different styles. The verses of “On Fleek” utilize 808 bass and drums usually found in hip-hop while the choruses are in an EDM style.



Stories aren’t all words and syntax— they can ride rhythms and tumble over beats. This semester, we are introducing Lorenzo Maldonado, a senior studying television, radio and film at Syracuse University, who will curate an all-new Spotify playlist every fortnight and grapple with the music of our times.