The Mixtape: Edition 4


By Lorenzo Maldonado

Music from France looms large in this week’s edition

Still from  Gib ihm  by Shirin David

Still from Gib ihm by Shirin David


“Just You and I” - Tom Walker

The glossy production sprinkled throughout the Scottish singer-songwriter’s latest single reminds me of a lot of the EDM songs currently popular on the radio. However, his style feels unique to him; Walker sounds to me like he could be considered the Khalid of dance music.


“Contando Lunares”(feat. Cruz Cafuné) — Don Patricio

This fusion of pop and dance music is sure to brighten up your day. Patricio and Cruz rap in a rapid fire rhythm over a Latin piano sample, a horn section and electronic percussion. If you enjoy Bad Bunny, you’ll love Patricio and Cafuné.


“Soltera” — Lunay, Chris Jeday & Gaby Music

From vocal chops deep in the background to tight harmonies and auto-tune-laced vocals, the three artists glide over a smooth reggae-ton dance track. I love the way the instruments are filtered out during certain portions of the track, allowing the vocals to really shine.


“Goutte d’eau” — Ninho

It’s really amazing to me how each country utilizes similar production styles, yet each region has their own “sound” in their music despite many similarities. Ninho, his sparse production, and his warbling voice reign from France.


“Dale x Love Therapy” (feat. Aya Nakamura)

I don’t usually include a lot of R&B, but this laidback track reminds me of Sativa by Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee. However, after two-and-a-half minutes, there is an unexpected switch-up and you won’t even mind that this track is over five minutes.


“Sale Mood” (feat. Booba) - Bramsito

Bramsito is not an artist to miss; by combining hip-hop and reggaeton, this rapper-singer truly cements his own unique style in this dance song with punchy drums and silky vocals. My favorite part has to be the synth solo during the outro.


“Trop beau” - Lomepal

I guess France is on an R&B wave because this week, there was no shortage of sultry tracks. Lomepal has a very unique track and sonic palette; he utilizes modern programmed percussion juxtaposed with more traditional acoustic instruments like piano and strings.


“Gib ihm” - Shirin David

As soon as Shirin came up on my computer, I knew I had found something unique. The beat itself is sparse and sounds like something Ariana Grande would have used on her latest album. David can also sing very well and her rapping easily competes with any of the women currently charting in hip-hop.


“Road2Goat” - Shindy

When this track begins with a Whitney Houston sample, you might be confused, but after the short intro, the groove of this track and Shindy are undeniable. The German rapper confidently rattles off bar after bar as the beat below him spirals and pounds.


“Noir” - Sunmi

The South Korean singer fluidly switches between lyrics in English and Korean, while her silky voice sparkles on top of the acoustic-electronic beat. Any fan of K-pop is sure to love Sunmi and her arena-size vocals and production.



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