The Mixtape: Edition 5


By Gabriela Knutson

From hip hop to country, coast through Europe and the Middle East this week before country-ing back to the States.

Still from “Je te le donne (en duo avec Slimane)” by VITAA

Still from “Je te le donne (en duo avec Slimane)” by VITAA


“Vacía Sin Mí ft. darell” - Ozuna

Ozuna comes out with another banger last week, this time called “Vacía Sin Mí,” featuring Darell. This time Ozuna brings us his soothing voice and Latin pop beats. The song switches between deep rap, fast-paced singing and the relaxed chorus.


“I Got Love” - Miyagi & Эндшпиль feat. Рем Дигга

This Russian song is this week’s throwback into the past of Russian EDM/pop music. Miyagi & Endspiel, featuring Rem Digga, “I Got Love” is full of rhythmic, popping beats, sex appeal, and a voice so deep and strong that you can’t resist but moving your body to the rhythm. The English chorus also gives the non-Russian speaker a stable and comfortable feeling of relatability.


“Look What God Gave Her” - Thomas Rhett

Bringing it to the south of the United States, we have Thomas Rhett’s upbeat pop country song. Older country lovers will tell you this isn’t “real country,” but the romantic vibes, sweet words, and country guitar beat brings it into the country world while still keeping it hip and modern. Thomas Rhett is known to be an artist with appeal to all types of country-music lovers.


“SUPER SAKO” feat. Panos Kiamos & Bo - Thelo Na Se Xanado

Greek artists Panos Kiamos and Bo bring us their summer hit “Thelo Na Se Xanado,” which translates to I want to see you again. This Greek song, intermixed with English, features lots of hip hop beats and is reminiscent of a party atmosphere. This song will make you want to be on a beach in Mykonos sipping a margarita and playing volleyball with girls in bikinis.


“Fy Faen” - Hkeem/Temur

Norwegian artists Hkeem and Temur bring us their hit EDM song “Fy Faen,” which was featured on the hit Norwegian TV series SKAM Soundtrack. The high-speed tempo is a beloved party song by many from Norway and can be appreciated by non-Norwegian speakers as well because of the simple chorus and positive vibe.


“Je te le donne (En duo avec Slimane)” - VITAA

From Vitaa, “Je te le donne.” I find this song very beautiful and soothing, with the beautiful French lyrics. The song does have quick parts that blend in well with the fluid nature of the romantic song titled “I give it to you.” The video is also very insightful and deep, and definitely worth a look.


“Kaum Erwarten” - Wincent Weiss

“Kaum Erwarten” is brought to you by the German artist Wincent Weiss, who seems to be the German equivalent to a Shawn Mendes. This song has a beautiful piano melody underscoring the German lyrics.


“Diogo Piçarra” - Paraíso

Things slow down a bit with Diogo Picarra’s Portuguese ballad “Paraiso.” His soulful singing and guitar-playing from atop his couch is heart-warming, comforting and soothing to the ears after a long day at work. Relax, mellow your heart rate and let Diogo Picarra soothe your soul with his strong vocals.


“Balti” - Ya Lili feat. Hamouda

We pick it up again with Balti’s and Hamouda’s Arabic song, in a Tunisian dialect. This interesting song has a versatile mix of one man’s deep voice interchanged with a young girl’s singing of the chorus. The contrast between these two is really what makes this track special.


“Zouhair Bahaoui” - DÉCAPOTABLE

Jumping over Algeria and into Morocco, Zouhair Bahaoui brings us his Moroccan pop song. The song has an Arabic melody and vibe to it, but definitely has a lot of Western pop culture influence.



Stories aren’t all words and syntax— they can ride rhythms and tumble over beats. Gabriela Knutson is a senior studying broadcast and digital journalism and geography at Syracuse University. This is her edition on an all-new Spotify playlist every fortnight and grapple with the music of our times.