The Mixtape: Edition 6


By Austin Coldon

Craving some bass? We got you covered. This week’s Mixtape is chock-full of those good vibrations.



Hey there Globalists, thanks for checking in! My name’s Austin, and from this point forward, I’ll be your go-to guy for getting your hands on all the finest beats imaginable. I’ve scoured far and wide to bring in some of the waviest music from around the world, including some artists from your very own backyard-- Syracuse NY. Beginning next edition, I’ll be spotlighting one local musician in each Mixtape along with our usual fire, introducing you all to a few of the many incredible student musicians that find inspiration inside our community.

Music really shaped my life—I’m a DJ, aspiring producer and overall audiophile. I love the electronic music scene, especially the people who work so hard to contribute to it— so I’ll be working equally hard to uncover some of the most interesting tracks that you’ve (preferably) never heard of. No matter your tastes, I hope you can find at least one track in here that really speaks to you, so that you can let this music shape your life like it has mine.


“Lost In Space” — Infected Mushroom [Israel]

This Hebrew hit by the Israeli musical-duo Infected Mushroom starts out beautifully with an intro full of melodic guitar which fades into a satisfyingly bass-heavy electronic riff, all layered underneath some impressive Israeli rap vocals. Sure to please any self-respecting basshead out there, Infected Mushroom is one of the best-selling Israeli musical groups of all time, and have plenty to offer in this track. The vocals are incredibly impactful, and regardless of whichever language you happen to speak, “Lost In Space” is sure to leave a substantial impression.


“Heart Of Glass” — Pranha [NYC]

21 year-old NYC-based rising talent Pranha comes at us next with his spicy EDM banger Heart Of Glass,” a track brimming with festival vibes and energetic house-style synth leads. Dropping five new tracks since the beginning of 2019 alone, the pace of Pranha’s musical career has been steadily accelerating as he gains new followers and refines his sound-- and for good reason. Pranha’s talent for production is near-prodigious and I’m excited to see what Pranha is able to accomplish in the future as he’s becoming further discovered and exposed within the scene. If you like his stuff, I’d definitely recommend checking out his other tracks—you won’t regret it.


“Crash Land” -- Crash Land, (Rootkit Remix) [Oslo, Norway]

Next up on our Mixtape is Kashif Kahn of Oslo Norway, better known by his stage name Rootkit. The song Crash Land” was originally released under Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS label as the first single dropped by anonymous duo (also known as) Crash Land—and in his remix (also dropped by STMPD) Rootkit really demonstrates both his talent and flexibility as an EDM producer. This track starts off relaxed with some laid-back rap vocals over a light pad which quickly gets enveloped by a warm blanket of future bass/future trap sound and fast drum patterns that pick up the pace. My favorite aspect of this track is definitely how each successive drop really brings something new to the table as the song progresses, incorporating elements of future bass & trap as well as some chill drum n’ bass and plenty of rap. The percussion in this track is undeniable (especially the second drop) so just TRY to resist nodding along with the beat once it hits you— (protip, you can’t).


“Mundian To Bach Ke” -- Panjabi MC, (Dimatik Remix) [Adelaide, Australia]

Western musical stylings not exactly your taste? Try adding some of this indo-fire to your playlist! Punjabi MC’s 1998 hit “Mundian To Bach Ke” comes back with twist in Dimatik’s remix, where this old-but-gold track gets it’s bass turned up to 11. I really enjoy the way Dimatik changes up the pace with the drums and changes in BPM too.  


“Crashing (feat. Bahari)” -- Illenium (Droeloe Remix) [Netherlands]

Straight out of the Netherlands, Dutch-duo Droeloe (pronounced droo-loo) are next up with their remix of Illenium’s original “Crashing” featuring Bhari. First appearing on the scene in 2016, Droeloe quickly succeeded in gathered a significant following after their debut of “Make My Day” on the Bitbird label, owned by DJ & producer San Holo. In this track, Droeloe shows off their usual signature harpsichord-esque sound with a trap-twist that really keeps the track interesting without it being too lighthearted. The vocals are incredible, and the lyrics are uber-feelsy— just sit back, relax and enjoy the goosebumps.


“Lost My Mind” -- Alison Wonderland & Dillon Francis [Australia/USA]

Australian EDM icon Alison Wonderland teams up with DJ/producer veteran Dillon Francis in this absolute banger, creating a crazy collaborative aura that pays off big-time. Combining classic future house melodies with a satisfyingly squelchy electro-bass lead, “Lost My Mind” is a hard yet groovy track with some great percussion and deep, wobbly basslines. Spacy, evolving and perhaps even a little bit experimental, “Lost My Mind” is definitely worth a listen.


“It’s Gonna Be Okay” -- Mickey Kojak [Sidney, Australia]

Just like the name of the track suggests, this wavy and upbeat tune can really provide a much needed pick-me-up. Funky and lyrical, “It’s Gonna Be Okay” features some plucky guitar grooves, infectious drum layers and airy digital arpeggios—all layered over some impressive alternative-sounding vocals. If times are tough, just plug in, press play and let Mickey Kojak remind you that everything is just going to work out in the end.


“Lonely (feat. JYV)” -- Leat'eq & Aléksei [Los Angeles, CA]

There’s a difference between being alone and being “Lonely”—and for all you introverts out there, this tune might just hit home. This chill hip-hop/rap track is latent with electronic undertones, but the focus never truly leaves the vocals. JYV’s work on the vox really makes this track a masterpiece and the phat sub-bass really brings out the rest of the drum kit. The panning on the hats really compliments the melodic pluck ringing throughout the background, and at a relatively fast 128 BPM, the chill vibes aren't at all underwhelming. Leat’eq and Aléksei really know how to combine smooth vocals with comfortable vibes, making this song feel like a series of warm waves on an exotic beach.


“BALL & CHAIN” -- Ramzoid [Canada]

Nineteen-year-old Ramzoid of Canada comes next with his new single “BALL & CHAIN” dropped earlier this April. A notable young talent, Ramzoid has been building his portfolio of bangers for quite some time, and is another artist—like Droeloe-- currently signed on San Holo’s Bitbird label. In this new track, Ramzoid follows in signature style of R&B style vocals and shimmery synths, keeping an interesting stop-and-go momentum to the track. “BALL & CHAIN” is Ramzoid’s newest track, but he has plenty of older fire lying relatively undiscovered for those looking to treasure-hunt.


“Spiritual (Mriya) (feat. Brooke Tomlinson)” -- Curbi [United Kingdom]

Last but not least, Curbi from the UK brings us a savory and bouncy bass house tune with some absolutely killer low-end. Far from your standard boots-n-cats, “Spiritual” is a driven track with some flawless mixing/mastering that’s able to keep it interesting through various switch ups and an expertly layered-in vocal lead, creating a quintessential piece of house music perfect for long nights of shuffling under the neon strobe lights.

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Stories aren’t all words and syntax— they can ride rhythms and tumble over beats. This semester, we are introducing Austin Coldon, a junior studying philosophy at Syracuse University, who will curate an all-new Spotify playlist every fortnight and grapple with the music of our times.