The Mixtape: Edition 7


By Gabriela Knutson

An eclectic mix of music that anyone can find their favorite in, from Israeli love songs to African rap to indie American music.

Still from “Still Woozy” by LUCY

Still from “Still Woozy” by LUCY


“חנן בן ארי - ויקיפדיה (קליפ רשמי)” - Hanan Ben Ari

We start out in Israel this week, where Hanan Ben Ari sings his heart out to this beautiful love song in Hebrew. I personally had never listened to Israeli music before this, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the deep voice, soft and intriguing melody, and tone, all of which matches a typical Western love song genre.


“Улети (Uleti, or Fly in)” - T-Fest

Jumping over into Russia now, we have T-Fest’s soulful love song about flying. “Uleti” means to fly away. This song reminds me of an American artist, but I cannot for the life of me recall which. Nonetheless, I like how this song’s rhythm makes you want to sway and nod along while sitting around and chilling with friends.


“Still Woozy” - LUCY

Bringing it back to the United States, I heard this song on the radio late at night driving with my friend. WARNING: Do not listen to this song if you are down about a girl or guy and it’s late at night. You will get all up in your feelings, fall in love with this song, and never want to stop listening to its relaxing, yet persevering tone. I don’t know what makes this song so emotional; maybe it’s upbeat tempo, subtle happiness, and relaxing beat that makes you overthink life.


“Legbegbe” - Mr Real

Mr Real from Abule Egba, Nigeria brings us his hit African song in which some of the lyrics only consist of the title and the different models of iPhones. Not my favorite cup of tea, but I can appreciate the distinct African vibe Mr Real put into this song, while still keeping it in the Western rap style that many Americans appreciate.


“Nous deux” - Slimane

Let’s slow it down a bit, shall we? My head hurts from listening to “Legbegbe” on repeat for the past few minutes. The Mixtape moves on to my new favorite French artist Slimane, whose other song I included on Mixtape: Edition 5. I want to share his beautiful voice and fascinating love songs with other people. “Nous deux” meaning “Us both” is a song I have been listening to all week and I am still not sick of it. A French John Legend of sorts, Slimane has captivated my heart with his soft French lyrics and songs that I can listen to at any moment, in any mood.


“Peace and Love” - Charlie Charles, Sfera Ebbasta, Ghali

The only words I can actually sing in this song are “Superman, Superman,” and “Rooftop” (and I sing them so darn good; rolling the tongues and everything.) And you can too, because I guarantee you will fall in love with Charlie’s quick-paced Italian rapping and Migos-like interjections and sound effects. Warning: This song is explicit, but I have no idea what they’re saying, so I don’t care. This song makes me want to go make some more Italian friends, and thank the one that introduced me to this song.


“HON E DOWN” - Tarequito

Meet Tarequito, a Swedish-Portuguese artist producing Swedish-Portugese bangers that are perfect for lifting your mood while walking to class. Do I know what he’s saying? Absolutely not, but I can feel his positive, hype energy. This song has a soft party vibe, but just enough to put a hop in my step and a sway in my hips on my way to class.



Google Translate told me this song title is pronounced “Toowo” and I wasn’t sure whether to just go with it or not, but here we are. This is K-Pop. In case you haven’t heard, this is a booming music genre, primarily in Asia and some parts of the U.S. I would describe it as EDM on steroids, and although it is not my favorite genre, this song from Blackpink has gotten over 732 million views on Youtube. I wouldn’t listen to this song in the middle of the day, but if I heard it at a club I would go crazy.


“Quiere Bailar” - Inti and Vicente

Found on the Latin Pop Rising Spotify Playlist, this song from Inti and Vicente is only a month old. The artists are also fairly new, and this song has only 40 thousand views on its lyric video. With my limited Spanish, I appreciate the lyric video so I can catch some of the words and translate them in my head. In terms of the song, it is a typical slow Latin pop song about dancing, partying, and moving your body. The duo has a Enrique Iglesias-like style, and it will sound similar to other songs in the genre, but I appreciate the comforting melody, which never gets old for me. It’s a simple song that can do no wrong and one you can listen to in any mood.


“Trap Baida” - Jamil

For our last song of the week I chose Jamil. This song is harsh and takes some time getting used to, but once you do it is very worth it. The Italian rapper and his music creates an urgent, intense rhythm; it feels as if the song is running a sprint the entire time. This finisher will get the listener pumped, and that is definitely what you will feel if you give Jamil a few chances. (He’ll grow on you I promise!)



Stories aren’t all words and syntax— they can ride rhythms and tumble over beats. Gabriela Knutson is a senior studying broadcast and digital journalism and geography at Syracuse University. This is her edition on an all-new Spotify playlist every fortnight and grapple with the music of our times.