The Mixtape: Edition 8

By Austin Coldon

Final exams driving you insane? Drop the crazy, and start feelin’ wavy with this week’s Mixtape

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Still from: F.O.O.L & Laura Brehm - Waking Up

Still from: F.O.O.L & Laura Brehm - Waking Up


“Majesty” — Apashe (ft. Wasiu) (CloZee Remix) [Toulouse, France]

Kicking off this week’s Mixtape, female DJ/producer powerhouse CloZee comes at us with her wild remix of Apashe’s “Majesty.” This track has some seriously aggressive vocals that could easily overshadow some styles or production, but CloZee really asserts herself in the EDM scene with this balanced remix. I love how strong the lead is and how precise her percussion is — she’s a versatile artist. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the rest of what she has to offer!


“Immerse” — Perkulat0r & Dalton Richmond [Vancouver, BC]

Craving something a little more chill? Say no more — “Immerse” by Perkulat0r and Dalton Richmond is guaranteed to ease some of those finals-week jitters. Airy and light, yet funky and warm with interesting bass and synth hits, “Immerse” sums up the essence of this track. Just press play and sink in, let the music immerse you.


“Welcome” — Magic in the Rain [Los Angeles, CA]

Deviating slightly from our theme of EDM bangers, next on our playlist is a soft and emotional acoustic piece from artist Magic in the Rain. The alter ego of international DJ/producer Djemba Djemba, Magic in the Rain branches out into new musical styles in this beautiful and cinematic piece, “Welcome,” bringing listeners into an ancient jungle-like sanctuary. Recently, I was fortunate enough to get in contact with the man behind the artists — Andrew Swanson — and was able to ask him some questions about producing music with many different unique instruments. After contacting him to show support for his new style of production and to ask a few questions as a fellow producer, he replied:

“I'm happy you enjoyed it. For this album I really tried to play as many instruments as I could, even if I didn't technically know how to do it. I found that even the mistakes made it sound more real as opposed to a VST or sample pack. … My advice is to do the best you can and go for it even if you're not fully prepared. Life is too short!”


“Te Robaré” — Nicky Jam [Puerto Rico/USA]

Summer is around the corner and with it, some nice tropical beats from none other than Latino recording legend Nicky Jam. “Te Robaré” is an urban track with classic reggaeton vibes, layers of soft Spanish vocals and subtle tonal melodies that will make you wish you were at the beach with a Corona in each hand.


“Legend” — Sidhu Moose Wala [Punjab, India]

Sidhu Moose Wala has been unapologetically dominating the Punjabi music scene for quite some time and he shows no signs of letting up soon, especially after his latest track, “Legend.” I don't understand a single word he says, but his musical tone and styles speak volumes about who he is as a person in ways that words could never articulate.


“Gopher Mambo” — Leandro Da Silva [Italy/Brazil]

Picking up the pace here a little bit, Leandro Da Silva brings us an upbeat and brass-heavy house tune that’s great for movin’ and groovin’. Slicing up trumpet samples and throwing them over a bassline sounds easy enough, but few can do it better than Leandro Da Silva in his clever take on a classic concept.


“Beaches” — Robotaki [Montreal, Quebec]

Tonal and laidback, “Beaches” is a somber track that is right to play at night. The subtleties of this song are amazing in that every element is perfectly presented in the mix. Robotaki does a great job of keeping this track minimal and lowkey, yet also funky and even uplifting.


“Waking Up” — F.O.O.L & Laura Brehm [Eskilstuna, Sweden]

A darker track for those of you still dwelling in your finals-week slump, “Waking Up” is a satisfyingly mellow tune that still has plenty of potential to pick you up. This song has tons of depth with reverb turned up to 11 in all the right places. I love the combination of stereo effects, especially on the main synth lead in the first drop, and the second drop switches the pace up quite nicely to bring a much-needed sense of urgency to this track.


“Neptune” — Lucii [Orlando, FL]

Self-proclaimed pioneer of a genre she calls “Space-Bass,” Emily Rose, a.k.a. Lucii, shows us her style in this heavy-hitting dubstep track. As the first female DJ signed to Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label, she certainly has a huge opportunity for newfound growth in the bass music community and personally, I’m really excited to see what she’ll bring us next.


“Yung N Poppin (Ft. Mir Fontane, Croosh, & WAV)” — Ruchir [Syracuse, NY]

Fresh outta Syracuse, coming in at #10 on this week’s Mixtape is none other than SU’s premier DJ/Producer, Ruchir. Bandier sophomore by day and EDM prodigy by night, Ruchir Mohan has been in the game for over six years and has plenty of work to show for it. Starting out at the age of 14, Ruchir played at clubs in Hong Kong before leaving with his family to travel to other cultural hotspots like Dubai, India, Asia, and United States, honing his sound and sharpening his musical talents.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to speak with Ruchir about his work, his life and his inspirations, and was surprised by the uniqueness of his cultural background.

“Growing up, I never really had cultural conventions applied to me in regards to my cultural makeup. I'm not your typical Indian kid and I'm not just your average kid from Dubai,” said Ruchir, and it shows in his music. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of his cultural heritage, Ruchir said, “I’ve grown up having those lines blurred, and I hope to blur some more lines with my music.”

Ruchir is a talented musician, articulate student, and has lived a fascinatingly multicultural life. Check out his latest track “Young N Poppin” and show some love for the rest of his hard work on Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! Syracuse is lucky to have such talent among its crowd and I think that we should celebrate the culture and creative work they bring to our community.

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