Haunted Memories, Stitched Up Dreams

By Saurav Jain

On moving forward

Illustration by  SOO MIN SEOL

Illustration by SOO MIN SEOL


Haunted Memories, Stitched Up Dreams

A hundred days later, and we still can’t feel our legs

Warfare, like a tick, won’t leave you when you are sick

We sent God a bucket-full of wishes only to get more stitches

Hear us mourn, hear us starve

Though the devil and I live an underworld apart

He found his way into my mind through the depths of my heart

You can run away from your pain all you want

Sometimes there will be that one moment, that one tear

That will stay with you forever

That one moment you grew up believing it was all a frozen nightmare

It’s not real you tell yourself, it’s all in my head

But when you take one step into the bedroom

It all comes back

The memories drip from the ceiling and drizzle down your cheeks

It gets harder to breathe suddenly you can't’ speak 

“C’mon man just put your mind to sleep!”

Ghosts slowly seep out of the wall with ease

Gently kiss your memories back like an old soundtrack

So many memories, both beautiful and damned

Don’t look for too long, they will destroy you on command

If only if there was a way to make this part of your mind banned

Cuz you always sink no matter what, it’s quicksand

Walk out of the bedroom, walk out of your mind

Sometimes, where you see the most is where you are blind

Because in life when all we want to do is go back in time

And unwind all the pain that leaves us here confined

Live and learn. All tears, no matter how salty, are meant to be left behind


About “Haunted Memories, Stitched Up Dreams”

This poem comes from a dark place in my life where I feel writing will allow it to illuminate. It started where it all ended, when I was forced to leave my comfort zone and everything I knew in search of a new life. In life, it is hard to move on, even when you know it is the best thing to do at the end of the day. Moving on requires sacrificing a part of yourself you thought was you but in reality was just one chapter of your story. This is what poetry is, taking on a dark chapter of your story and turning it into art.


Saurav Jain is a sophomore studying economics and policy studies at Syracuse University.