Mixtape Medleys

By Lorenzo maldonado

The Mixtape serves as our effort to dabble in and discover music across borders. Dive into our playlist of eclectic artists from Europe and Australia. These artists’ influences encompass electronic, hip-hop and pop elements. It’s clear the future of sound bears little resemblance to our current musical styles.



Illustration by:  Amy Nakamura

Illustration by: Amy Nakamura


Ecdysis - Flume

Two years after his last EP, Skin 2, Australian artist Flume is finally releasing music again. On his latest mixtape, “Hi This Is Flume,” the electronic producer experiments with a new style of his genre-bending music. “Ecdysis”, the first track after the intro throws you into an explosion of synthetic sounds and Flume’s unique cacophony of hip-hop and electronic music



Illustration by:  Amy Nakamura

Illustration by: Amy Nakamura

Paris - Lord Siva & Vera

Things slow down and groove with Danish singer-rapper, Lord Siva, and his unique mash up of singer-songwriter vibes and contemporary production flair. Synths pad the background below the gritty guitars which pan between the left and right speakers. His combination of different styles is one of a kind and it’s truly incredible to hear his songs grow and evolve as they elapse.

Pengedans - Kesi

The dreamy intro seems to set the vibe for an R&B anthem, but Danish rapper Kesi immediately changes the tone when he enters. His tracks reminds me of American trap music but with more interesting production and melodies. Kesi can truly sing and rap, crafting a fusion of American and Danish musical styles.



Illustration by:  Amy Nakamura

Illustration by: Amy Nakamura

Lily - Alan Walker, K-391, Emelie Hollow

Silky vocals glide over a guitar drenched in reverb as this smooth pop song brews. Warbling vocal chops, punchy drums and arpeggiating synths support Norwegian crooner Emelie before Alan Walker launches into a flurry of sparkling synthetic sounds. Billboard Music would be insane to keep this off the charts.

Vuosienv Päästä (Feat. Etta) - STEREO

As soon as the synths begin to pulse, it’s clear this dance track is a bop. Finnish DJ-producers STEREO teamed up with pop singer Etta for this electronic/hip-hop song with a stadium-size chorus, utilizing acoustic guitars and a gigantic future bass drop. It’s refreshing to hear a fresh sound which borrows from both acoustic and electronic production elements.


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Lorenzo Maldonado ‘19 is a senior studying television, radio and film at Syracuse University.