The Mixtape: Edition 10 - Juice Jam Afterparty!


By Austin “Auz” Coldon

Juice Jam might be over, but the Globalists are still rollin’! This Mixtape brings you a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep your afterparties bumpin’ bumpin’ — courtesy of 21 Savage, EarthGang, Fletcher, Mt. Joy, Kilo Kish and more.

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Still from “All MY Friends” By 21 Savage

Still from “All MY Friends” By 21 Savage


“All My Friends” — 21 Savage [Atlanta, GA]

One of 21’s more emotional songs, “All My Friends” is persistent track that just builds on top of itself in some really satisfying ways as it plays. As always, 21 Savage’s vocals are on point, and the guitar-guided instrumental is perfectly mixed in with some precise hip-hop percussion.


“Top Down” — EarthGang [Atlanta, GA]

“Top Down” is an uplifting rap song driven by a thick “grimey” bassline that just slides right underneath the happy-go-lucky vocal chorus. The vibe of this track switches back and forth between minimal and dark to lighthearted and back again, creating a sick musical journey that really captures something unique and interesting.


“About You” — Fletcher [Asbury Park, NJ]

Fletcher’s alt-pop sound really comes out in her new track “About You” dropped as part of her “You Ruined New York City For Me” album. Her emotional melodies and harmonies are beautifully done, making this track top 40 worthy.


“Julia” — Mt. Joy [Philadelphia, PA]

Something softer and more acousic than most other tracks featured on The Mixtape, “Julia” is a touching alt-rock love song by band Mt. Joy. Reminiscent of the west coast’s leisurely sound, Mt. Joy’s indie sound really strikes a chord with listeners and reminds us to slow down once in a while amid our busy day-to-day lives.


“Void” — Kilo Kish [Los Angeles, CA]

In one of my favorite tracks of this week’s Mixtape, dreamy dance melodies collide with Kilo Kish’s hauntingly beautiful R&B vocals in her song “Void.” Some really dreamy LFO’d arpeggios set the scene for this tune, switching between traditional hip-hop beats and up-tempo EDM basslines that takes listeners for an impactful ride.


“Sazon ft. BRBN, J Sandy & Zairah” — Dramos [NJ, USA]

Looking for something a little more caliente? This spicy bilingual track is driven by some rolling hi-hats and a horn section that plays over some latin piano and a dope bassline. The vocals (most of which I don't understand) sound amazing and are mixed in really well. I highly recommend checking out this low-key piece of fire. 


“Overdue” — Travis Scott X Metro Boomin X Whethan [Huston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL]

A light and airy future bass tune with vocals pulled from Travis Scott and Metro Boomin, “Overdue” is another playful track produced by past Juice Jam performer Whethan.


“Be Ok” — Party Favor & EZI [Manhattan, NYC; Los Angeles, CA]

Life got ya down? Don't worry, things will be OK. DJ/producer Party Favor and actress/musician EZI bring a track whose name speaks for itself. When things get difficult and everything not going your way, this track’s nonchalant happy-go-lucky message should help just a little.  


“Buy My Love” — NAWAS

I'm not even sure how to fully describe this track — it has a great uptempo, alternative, jazzy vibe, but also incorporates some crazy vocal work and is extremely catchy. This song just keeps on chugging, and has some really great momentum.

“Vibes” (LUUDE Flip) — Labyrinth [Perth, Australia]

LUUDE is back at it again, this time with a deep, dark, uptempo EDM remix of Labyrinth’s “Vibes”. Spacy and open, this drum-and-bass banger is super wobbly and has an awesome yet subtle progression. 


Music has the amazing ability to combine individual realities into holistic, shared experiences, reunifying humankind at the most fundamental level. The best stories aren’t all words and syntax — they ride rhythms, explore melodies and tumble over beats. Every two weeks, junior philosophy major Austin Coldon reminds us of our commonalities through his Mixtape, a ten-track collection of hand-picked tunes curated to set the soundtracks of our lives.