The Mixtape Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month!


By Austin “Auz” Coldon and Estheralice Lopez

¡Que Siga la Fiesta! In this edition of the Mixtape, Globalists are throwing it down fiesta-style, giving you all a taste of some oh-so-spicy Latinx and Hispanic tunes.

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Carlos Santana performing with bassist David Brown. Photo Courtesy: Tucker Ransom | Getty Images

Carlos Santana performing with bassist David Brown. Photo Courtesy: Tucker Ransom | Getty Images


#1 “Perdóname” — Deorro Feat. Adrian Delgado & DyCy [California, USA]

Kicking off our celebration of Latinx culture is an energetic yet emotional duet by DJ/producer Deorro, with vocals provided by the talented Adrian Delgado and DyCy. Perfect for any late night fiesta, “Perdóname” is wholesome, uplifting and super easy to bounce to.


#2 “Loma De Cayenas” — Vicente Garcia & Juan Luis Guerra [Dominican Republic]

Vincent Garcia joins in with his longtime mentor, Juan Luis Guerra, to create a collaborative art piece. The two artists from the Dominican Republic created a soft and unique merengue song that carries a distinctive sound compared to its traditional style of fast-paced, marching rhythm. The song shares the message of falling in love and how this feeling can help pull yourself out of rough patches. Throughout the song, it sings of how one individual’s presence and existence is enough to produce thousands of flowers on a hillside. The love you have for someone is enough to allow buds of these “cayenas” to bloom and bear fruit. 


#3 “Me Gustas Tu” — Manu Chao [Paris, France]

This track is a throwback tune for those craving something more acoustic. “Me Gustas Tu” by Manu Chao is a song full of resignations over matters of the heart. As confusing and complicated as life may be, no matter how lost you are, the talented and polylingual Manu Chao reminds listeners to follow their hearts and stay true to themselves.


#4 “Oye Como Va” — Santana [San Francisco, CA]

It’s difficult to imagine talking about influential Latinx artists without mentioning the ever-iconic Carlos Santana. “Oye Como Va” is a classic track that has been covered by countless artists over the years, but no version is as well-known as Sanata’s. This relaxed latin-jazz tune covered by classic rock legends is absolutely timeless.


#5 “Mi Persona Favorita” — Alejandro Sanz & Camila Cabello [Madrid, Spain; Miami, FL]

Latin Grammy song of the year nominee “Mi Persona Favorita” is a smooth and beautiful duet between Latin recording legend Alejandro Sanz and young powerhouse Camila Cabello. Piano-driven with overtones of spanish guitar and latin percussion, “Mi Persona Favorita” is a must-hear for any fan of solid, timeless tunes.


#6  “Aventurero” — Yeison Jimenez [Manzanares, Colombia]

Yieson Jimenez is one of the fastest growing artists in Colombia. He is known for his genre in “musica popular colombiana,” which directly translates to Popular Colombian Music. This top hitter is composed to express his delight and love for life. It is a joyful song with intricate sounds coming from various musical instruments like the harmonica, trumpet and guitar. Jimenez wanted to create a piece that would leave you without worries and with a desire to explore and venture out with your heart. For him, the song is about being surrounded by beautiful women, good music and giving into his pleasures.


#7 “Nuestro Planeta (feat. Reykon)” — Kali Uchis [Columbia; USA]

“Nuestro Planeta” is a chill and urban track by the incredibly talented Kali Uchis. Described as “genre-defying” by audiophiles everywhere, 25 year-old Kali Uchis’ music has a distinctly reggaeton vibe that can’t quite be boxed into traditional musical categories.


#8 “Money” — Jovem Dex [Brazil]

Brazillian Jovem Dex just can't stop chasin’ paper in this Latin hip-hop banger. Consisting of a modern rap track over digital instrumental, the message of “Money” is pretty self-explanatory and makes for an essential addition to any portugese playlist.


#9 “I Love Salsa” — N’Klabe [Caguas, Puerto Rico]

The sounds of the bongos, bass, trumpet, trombone, claves and maracas all coincide to create this traditional salsa tune. The song clearly expresses that salsa can be heard from city to city all over the globe, being carried on from generation to generation. It sings “Esto es un ritmo muy contagioso que a todo lleva a bailar,” which means “this is a very contagious rhythm that leads everyone to dance.” Salsa makes you want to get up and move your feet even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean. All you need to know is “I Love Salsa!”


#10 “Me Quedo” Feat. Zacarias Ferreira — Romeo Santos [Bronx, NYC]

Romeo Santos is more widely known as lead composer, vocalist and leader of “Aventura,” a bachata band. An American singer and songwriter of Dominican descent, Santos has worked under the nickname “El Rey de la Bachata” throughout most of America and has made it his mission to spread the allure of Bachata music. This old-school sounding piece of essential Latinx music is so calm and happy that one can practically smell the salty breeze and feel the white sands of the coastal DR as they listen to it.


Music has the amazing ability to combine individual realities into holistic, shared experiences, reunifying humankind at the most fundamental level. The best stories aren’t all words and syntax — they ride rhythms, explore melodies and tumble over beats. Every two weeks, junior philosophy major Austin Coldon reminds us of our commonalities through his Mixtape, a ten-track collection of hand-picked tunes curated to set the soundtracks of our lives.