The Mixtape: Edition 9


By Austin “Auz” Coldon

Lose your back-to-school blues with these 10 hot tunes! The Mixtape is back, and we’ve been waiting all summer to spice up your fall semester.

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Still from “Piece Of Your Heart” By MEDUZA

Still from “Piece Of Your Heart” By MEDUZA


“You Little Beauty” — Fisher [Australia]

A track many of you might be familiar with already, “You Little Beauty” is one of the latest tunes dropped by Australian house legend Fisher. Sticking to his minimal style, Fisher further solidifies his rather-newfound prominence in the EDM scene through this groovy boots-n-cats banger, which has been fueling ample late-summer good vibes worldwide.


“Piece Of Your Heart” — MEDUZA [Milan, Italy]

Another popular house tune, MEDUZA brings us something more upbeat and emotional in their breakout track “Piece Of Your Heart.” As a trio, MEDUZA has made some undeniably strong first impressions in the DJ/Producer community. In this track, they collaborate with Britsh trio Goodboys to produce a piece of absolutely quintessential progressive house that's almost universally enjoyed. The deep piano riffs layered with the reverb-heavy vocals really gives this track a huge, immersive sound.


 “Wake Up Call” (feat. Mansionair) — Manila Killa [Manila, Philippines]

For fans of something softer or more alternative-sounding, I recommend checking out this brilliant track — “Wake Up Call” by the great Manila Killa. It’s driven by some warm, almost acoustic sounding bass grooves and becomes filled with wide chords that fall under some bright bells that give the track some awesome width.


“That’s Life” — Brittany Beers [Chicago, USA]

Underdog DJ/producer Brittany Beers really put a ton of heart, soul and talent into her new track “That’s Life,” culminating into a story that preaches good vibes and sympathizes with those looking to overcome life’s romantic turmoil. The track’s future-bass feel really comes together nicely to create a somewhat mainstream sounding song that’s fun and upbeat, yet also holds some heavy, emotional weight.


“Played Out” (feat. Dutch Robinson) — Kill Paris [Colorado, USA]

Now that it’s the fall 2019 semester, I guess you could say that summer’s “All Played Out.” Artist Kill Paris comes at us with this funky disco-esque track with a powerful message about breaking free. The plucky bass stabs and the airy pads layered all underneath some talented vocals give this track a vintage feel, but definitely stops short of feeling dated. All in all, an awesome take on an older style of EDM. 


“Just Got Paid” (feat. French Montana) — Sigala [Norfolk, UK]

For listeners looking to flex their paychecks, go no further. “Just Got Paid” is an awesome synthesis of rap, pop and EDM that is perfect for beach parties and long highway drives. French Montana lays down some heat while Sigala tears up the mixer, and the mainstream sound of this track makes it one of the most top-40-worthy songs of 2019.


“Pn35a (Virtual Riot Remix)” — Virtual Riot [Germany]

Sound design mastermind Virtual Riot outdoes himself yet again in this breathtaking example of truly outstanding music production. “Pn35a” was originally just a snippet of piano used in a remix competition on youtuber Andrew Huang’s channel between Virtual Riot and three other producers, but Virtual Riot simply takes things to a new level in this one. Almost every sound you hear is something taken from nothing but a piano melody — each and every sound has been meticulously processed, mixed, layered, warped, distorted, and/or produced. Eventually, through pure skill, simple sounds can become greater than the sum of their parts. You can check out the whole remix video here.


“Mask Off (Onii-San Flip)” — Future [USA & Stockholm, Sweden]

Onii-San is a lesser known musician from Stockholm, Sweden. His future-bass style, although nothing spectacularly unique, is really refined — the synthesis of rap samples in a future-bass tune goes to the next-level compared to some other producers who work in the same genre. 


“BREAK LAW” — Dog Blood [Germany & USA]

Dog Blood is a collab group started in 2012 by well-known American DJ Skrillex and German DJ Boys Noize. Their newest banger BREAK LAW starts off with some exotic vocals chanting in an unknown language which slowly transition into a deep percussive build, then turns into a sick mid-tempo electro breakdown that’s honestly something really unique.

“Graduated” — A1 & Mr. Carmack [California & Hawaii, USA]

For all you graduates out there, this one’s for you! Mr. Carmack and A1 come together to bring us a dope lyrical rap track that’s a refreshing anthem for those of us pursuing higher education. Without getting political, A1’s humorous vibe mixes with Mr. Carmack production talents to present a perfect example of pure finesse.


Music has the amazing ability to combine individual realities into holistic, shared experiences, reunifying humankind at the most fundamental level. The best stories aren’t all words and syntax — they ride rhythms, explore melodies and tumble over beats. Every two weeks, junior philosophy major Austin Coldon reminds us of our commonalities through his Mixtape, a ten-track collection of hand-picked tunes curated to set the soundtracks of our lives.