Illustration by  Amy Nakamura

Illustration by Amy Nakamura


A Globalist is proud of their cultural and social identity - unafraid to start difficult conversations to bridge differences and find commonalities.

A Globalist values diversity and takes responsibility to show empathy for and share underrepresented perspectives.

A Globalist gives great importance to freedom of expression and makes it their mission to be a voice for those who are too quiet or too loud.

Above all, a Globalist is a citizen of the world.

Our purpose:

Established in 2017 at Syracuse University, Globalists is an organization aimed to give students an outlet to start conversations and share stories of personal identity. Rooted in a belief that everyone has a story to tell, Globalists serves as a safe place for self-expression in any shape or form.

Syracuse University is diverse.

Every student, staff and faculty member is unique to their own experiences and adds perspective to the community. 43 percent of the campus population belongs to minority groups and over 12 percent of the population are non-residential, international students.

Globalists is Inclusive.

We were founded on the basis of inclusivity. Here, you will find stories from a spectrum of identities at Syracuse University. Our readers will get a chance to learn more about the lived experiences of our community through a wide range of voices. Our editors work 1:1 with all our contributors during the entire process, from finding stories, personal voice and style, and editing to ensure quality.

Become A Globalist

In September 2018, we rebranded as a contributor based platform to encourage more members of Syracuse University to join the conversation. Simply by adding to the perspectives housed on our platform, the Globalist allows diversity to coexist in a polarizing world.